I call in at the "Bearded Brewery" for some cider.

Monday and the B31 goes off to Wales for the day - a video can be found HERE . . . but be warned, it contains "arseholes"

Tuesday was a day of fixing MZs and computers.

Wednesday was a total non-event.

Thursday and it was off to Electrex World to see if they could sort the problem of the tacho

reading all over the show.    It seems the pickup on the HT lead cannot cope with CDI type ignition.


Friday and it was off to Cornwall with DOT and the Dog Kennel.


Saturday was a ride over to Land's End, then on to Porthleven for a pint.


Sunday and it was up to Boscastle for a pastie - and calling in at the Bearded Brewery for a drop of cider.

DOT was sounding rather louder than usual - must take a look when I get back home.

A few photographs can be found HERE - and, if all goes well, the video will be HERE - once I've got around to editing it.