Cracked exhaust manifold - silencer box blown to bits - and a failed alternator . . . . .made for an interesting ride home.

Monday saw me making a rather "interesting" ride home.  Had to buy and fit a new alternator at Barnstaple - couldn't do anything about the exhaust though.


Tuesday, as you can imagine, was spent making and fitting a new exhaust system to DOT.


Wednesday I spent fishing - I can finish the exhaust tomorrow.


Thursday and I finished the exhaust - then took my camera for a clean and service.


Friday and I loaded  up the BRUB and set off for the Lake District.


Saturday was spent touring the lakes with a bunch of fellow Drifter riders . . .  all good fun.

A few photographs can be found HERE - and, all being well, when it's edited and uploaded, a video can be found HERE.


Sunday and it was back down the M6 to  home - then straight back up the M6 on the Bullet for dinner at the Castlewood Cafe - which re-opened in May.