Ypres . . .  the cloth hall in the centre and the Menin Gate to the right.

Monday and I collected my camera following a bit of a service - just for good measure my washing line broke.  Ah well.

Tuesday and both the B33 and the A65 went for MOT - both passed.

Wednesday was spent fishing . . . .again.

Thursday and I moved a bike for Ian - then came home to find the two MZ silencers that had arrived from Germany were the wrong size.

Boxed 'em back up ready to send back.


Friday and the exhausts were on their way back.

I loaded up the trailer tent, hitched it to the TCT and at midnight I set off for Belgium.


Saturday saw me setting up camp in Ypres - then down to the town for a beer or two.


Sunday and it was a late breakfast / early dinner at the Hooge Crater museum.