Dinner at Dom's, then a ride up to the top of the Long Mynd.

Monday I took a ride over to Poperinge, then it was back down to Ypres for a beer later on.

Tuesday and I lazed around on the site all day - then it was beer in the town later on.

Wednesday and I went windmill spotting, then, as you can guess, it was beer in the town later on.

Thursday and it was another day of doing nothing - except drinking in the town later on.

Friday and I packed up and set off for home - and by eight o'clock in the evening I was back.

A few photographs can be found HERE and a bit of aerial video can be found HERE.


Saturday was spent unpacking - then fitting the new silencer to the MZ ( yes, the correct ones this time )

I then spent a few hours of head scratching trying to get a Hall Effect sensor to  give a signal to the rev counter on Andy M's special . . . with no success.


Sunday and it was over to Dom's on the A65 for dinner, then a scenic ride up the Long Mynd on the way home.

Andy dropped the bike off at my place later on - I can spend a bit of time during the week trying to sort out a working tacho.