All done now except the wheels - one shiny powder coated MZ

Monday was spent finding a way to make the rev counter work on Andy M's special . . . . managed it in the end.

Tuesday was a hot one - so I spent most of the day riding around on DOT - Clee Hill - Long Mynd - Raven cafe for dinner.

Wednesday was spent sitting in the shade next to a nice cool pool - and catching the occasional fish.

Thursday and the TCT had a new rev counter.  Took it for a good test ride.

Made an appointment to see about getting my eyes lasered.


Friday and the B31 had a new rear tyre.   I also  heard the sad news that Viv Wills, who was a Moonshiner back in the early 90's, had died.

On a more positive note - it was curry time at the Sanam. . . . . Viv would have approved.


Saturday saw me doing a bit of electrical work on a Suzuki Intruder.


Sunday and the B33 went up to the secret bunker at Hack Green . . . . then on to the Raven Cafe for dinner.

A few photographs can be seen HERE.