This is where a few of us spent the weekend - down the 'Dashers.

Monday and I finally get in touch with Phil Pearson about a Goldie engine . . .only he no longer does them.

Luckily John Cronsahw does - so I phoned  him - only to be told he's away until mid week.   

Just for good measure, the ABSAF ( Dutch Goldie engine makers ) website was down, so I couldn't get in touch with them.


Tuesday and it was a leisurely ride over to the cafe on the TCT.

Fitted a set of stainless steel handlebars to the TCT when I got back home.


Wednesday and I talked to John Cronshaw about a 600cc Goldie engine in touring spec

Watch this space in around three months time.


Thursday and I decided to take the TCT on a long run to see if the new handlebars were comfortable.

I had a puncture up at the Ponderosa cafe - no problem, I called the RAC . . . .who said the earliest they could get to me would be in SIX HOURS or more.

Long story short - fixed it myself - got back home and cancelled my RAC membership . . . a six hour wait is no good to me. . . Have gone back to the AA.


Friday and I took the front wheel from the TCT to get a new inner tube fitted.


Saturday and I took DOT on the MAG Brum Demo run - then came back and took the front wheel out to get it balanced.

My usual tyre place was closed, so I took it to one I'd spotted earlier.

Set off for the 'Dashers . . .and at sixty mph the front wheel was jumping all over the show . . . not very balanced it would seem.


Sunday and it was a leisurely ride back - mainly 'cos I couldn't do above fifty five with the wheel so out of balance.

Took the wheel back out as soon as I got home.