A sunny Sunday run to Mill Meece for the classic bike day - then on to the Foxfield Railway for the Iron Curtain event.

Monday and I treated DOT to a new front disc and pads . . . and got the wheel balanced correctly this time.

Tuesday and I took DOT on a long test ride to the Ponderosa . . wheel was balanced, and I didn't have a flat tyre this time.

Wednesday and it was over to Birmingham to get my eyes assessed regarding laser treatment . . . all seems fine.

Thursday and the speedo cable snapped on the TCT - called in to Cradley Kawasaki and ordered one.

Also ordered a spare cable from eBay when I got back home.


Friday and the speedo cable I ordered yesterday afternoon came . . . talk about a quick response . .  BUT

there's always a BUT . . . . but it was 37" long, not 42" as the eBay listing said. . . . .so that will be going back.


Saturday and I took the B31 out for an evening ride over to Fradley Junction.

I could hear "strange" noises coming from the primary side when I got back home . . . something for me to do later in the week.


Sunday and it was off to Mill Meece with a few other folks on bikes, then on to Foxfield Railway, before

heading back home via Lichfield. . . . .and the sun shone all day.

Ah yes - photographs - they can be found HERE.