Oh look - cellulitis, and my leg has changed colour . . . . . can you guess where I spent the next four days ?

Monday was a bit of a do nothing sort of a day.


Tuesday and the Bullet went for MOT - it passed.


Wednesday and my leg felt rather painful - so not a lot got done.


Thursday and my leg actually prevented me from going up the club - and that's a first.


Friday and I made an appointment to see the doctor . . . . next Tuesday was the earliest they could get me in.

I have a bad feeling about this.


Saturday and I ended up calling the 111 none emergency phone number . . . .it took 'em over 16 hours to call back.


Sunday and the 111 number eventually gets back to me . . . and sent me to the local hospital where I was admitted at ten to ten in the evening.

Next time ( IF there's is one ) it will be straight to A&E.