Another week where the most exiting thing I did was fettle the MZ.

Monday and I get an early phone call telling me that my eye surgery has been postponed . . . . until nine o'clock on Saturday.

Tuesday and the MZ goes out as far as the pharmacy to collect a few drugs.

Wednesday was spent wrangling with Amazon regarding a delivery . . . it got sorted in the end.

Thursday saw me changing the rocker box gaskets on a BSA A10 . . . .first time I'd done that since around 1978

Friday saw me over at Oldbury - finding out where Argos had moved to.

I also went and collected my uke bag - which now has a new zip.

Saturday and Andy M came down and gave me a lift over to Leicester for laser surgery on my right eye.

Sunday was a day of doing very little apart from "feeding" my eye every two hours.