The usual place for Sunday dinner - considering how cold it is, there's quite a few here.

Monday saw me at the dentist - all in good biting order.

Next job was removing the front room carpet.  Oh what fun !


Tuesday and it was new carpet day - sadly not in the garage.


Wednesday was taken up between shopping and going to the tip.


Thursday was a day of Bullet fettling - nothing serious, just a bit of bling.


Friday was cancelled due to lack of interest.


Too cold and wet on Saturday - so I stayed firmly indoors.


Sunday was bright but cold . . . . not cold enough to stop the Bullet from going to the cafe.

This week's  map shows us going from Harvington to Quatford by helicopter *    MAP


Thanks to Route Converter I can now show Sunday's wanderings as they really happened.  MAP



* OK - so the Garmin Gremlin decided to stop recording for a while . . . then started again after we reached the cafe.