The Bullet gets some pre-Christmas bling ( along with some new clutch plates and electronic ignition )

Monday saw me shopping, then making a new CCTV camera mount - the camera now looks directly at the garage.


Tuesday and it was around the Severn Valley on the Bullet -  the 2°C temperature made the first 25 miles a tad chilly.

Here's a map of today's wanderings   MAP


Wednesday - nine years ago today my life changed, and not for the better either.

Anyroad, enough of that.  Took the Bongo over to Hitchcocks and came back with clutch plates

and electronic ignition for the Bullet . . . .fitted 'em when I got back home.


Thursday and I took the Bullet out on test - - all working as it should.


Friday and the Bullet got a bit of bling - namely brass pilot light "eyebrows"

To go with the new green pilot light lenses.


Saturday was spent messing with CCTV cameras and computer hard drives.


Sunday was a bit too damp for riding, so it was a bit of fettling in the garage,

then over to "Greasy Lil's"   ( in Andy M's Car )    for dinner.