A BSA A65 Thunderbolt . . . . .and a Royal Enfield Bullet . . . .both find their namesake road signs.


Monday and the A65 goes for an appropriate photo shoot.

Tuesday and the Bullet went for brekky - or would have done if I hadn't left my wallet at home.

Called in for a photo shoot on the way back. . . MAP


Wednesday was a day of shopping - how exciting.


Thursday and it was the TCT who went to the cafe for dinner. . . . MAP


Friday and I finally make a start on the Guzzi - one exhaust stud sheared off, so that will be the first 'problem' to solve.


Saturday was spent doing a bit of fettling on various machines.


Sunday and it was off on the Bullet to the usual feeding place - which was packed with no tables available.

Plan "B" was put into operation . . . .the cafe in the Old Mill antiques centre in Bridgnorth. . . . MAP