A three quarter drive lock nut tool . . . . and the lock nut which refuses to budge, despite being attacked with a 240 volt impact gun.     More fun to follow.

Monday and I managed to forget to display my blue badge when shopping . . . . . so that cost me £35

Tuesday was spent mostly sleeping, seeing as I didn't go to bed the night before.

Wednesday was spent demolishing furniture in readiness for Thursday

Thursday and I now have a couple of new comfy chairs

Friday and I gave the new chair a good testing.

Saturday and it was time to try and shift the Guzzi flywheel.  A carbide milling cutter was used to make a "MkII" spanner.

Despite a three foot bar and the use of the gas torch, it still didn't move.   Even tried the big rattle gun on it, but to no avail.


Sunday and it was over to Tamworth to collect the ETZ that Andy M bought last week.

Then it was off to the cafe on the Bullet.   MAP.