At long last the flywheel is off, and the engine is out of the frame.

Monday, and by means of a few holes, a five foot length of angle iron, and an equally long bar . . . . the Guzzi flywheel lock nut came loose.

Tuesday and it was the Guzzi cylinder head which had a bit of work - the machining out of a broken exhaust stud.

Wednesday was spent doing a bit more Guzzi fettling.

Thursday and it was off to the tip with my old furniture, then on to collect a 29mm socket.

The 29mm socket was then used to remove the Guzzi flywheel.


Friday and the Guzzi took a trailer ride over to Oldbury for a session with the steam cleaner . . .then it was out with the engine.


Saturday and I made some mountings for the LED warning lights which will be going on the Guzzi.


Sunday and it was over the cafe on the MZ - and it didn't rain too much.  MAP