I resort to working in the kitchen - just a tad too cold for working in the garage.   The Guzzi gets a new electronic speedo.

Monday and it was off on the Bullet - all of half a mile to the dentists.

Tuesday and I go and collect the Guzzi tank - which is now free from dents.

I now need to get the welded up area built up with braze so that the tank can then be powder coated.


Wednesday and I renew my bike insurance - exactly the same price as last year.


Thursday was a tad warmer, so I did a bit more Guzzi fettling in the garage.


Friday and the rear light gets fitted to the Guzzi mudguard - also, the brake cross over shaft got fitted.


Saturday and I spent a while sitting at the kitchen table and sorting the wiring out on the switchgear I'll be using on the Guzzi.


Sunday saw us over at Malvern for the car and bike autojumble - didn't buy much, but at least I had dinner there.