Looking across the River Severn at Hampton Loade - due for an infestation of Moonshiners soon.

Monday and I spent a while running around collecting various bike related items.

Tuesday's exciting event - -  shopping.

Wednesday and it was dinner in the cafe, then back home to spend a couple of hours wiring the Guzzi warning lights.

The evening was spent at Andy M's "60th birthday curry"


Thursday and a few more Guzzi bits turn up.


Friday, and Saturday for that matter, were too cold for my liking - so I never ventured out of the house.


Sunday should have seen me at the Bristol classic bike show . . . which has been

postponed due to the snow.    All being well, it will be back on 23rd / 24th of the month.

Went to the cafe for dinner - in the car I'm afraid - too cold for pleasurable motorcycle riding.