I wonder how many bits will be left over once I've finished ?

Monday and it was a lot warmer - so it was back into the garage and carry on fettling the Guzzi.

Tuesday was spent running around getting bits - then putting said bits on the Guzzi.

Wednesday and I took the Bullet up to the foot clinic - all in good order foot-wise.

Thursday and I headed for the doctor's surgery - I'm now on a new medication . . .let's see what happens.

Next port of call was over at Woodsetton to collect the Guzzi petrol tank following a bit of brazing.


Friday was spent doing things to an MZ frame - side panel mounting lugs needed to be welded in place.


Saturday and the Guzzi tank is tested for leaks - oh dear - all around the filler neck and a pinhole in the brazing,

This calls for plan "B" - I've ordered a new filler neck ( British petrol cap type ).


Sunday and it was over to the cafe at Streetbike for dinner - in Andy M's car 'cos it was wet and cold ( and I'm a wimp )