A pair of stinky two strokes acting as book ends . . .  or is that bike ends ?


Monday and I took the Goldie out seeing as the roads were dry.   Only as far as Birmingham . . . .but that was far enough to destroy the alternator.

The inner primary chaincase has moved due to the action of the starter motor - thus causing the rotor to rub on the stator.

On a more positive note - it was curry time. . . .at the Spinney . . . .which is walking distance from my house.


Tuesday was spent deciding on the best way to sort the Goldie out.

First of all though, a new alternator rotor and stator were ordered.


Wednesday and the first day of the year.

What better way to spend it than riding a BSA around the Peak District.

Of course - dinner was eaten in Matlock Bath.



Thursday saw the B31 going to the Spiders Web cafe for dinner . . . . only it doesn't open until February 4th.

Had dinner at "Greasy Lil's" on the A5 instead.


Friday was another day of pondering on the alternator problems.

I now have plan "A" and a plan "B"   -  Time will tell.


Saturday was spent making a few bits which may, or may not, be of use in fixing the Goldie.


Sunday and it was off on the MZ.  Calling in at Telford Farmers Market for a gallon of two stroke oil.

Dinner in the cafe followed, then short visit to Bridgnorth station, before heading back home.