Adjusting the height of the brake pedal - a bit of a necessity when your foot doesn't work as it should.

Monday was a trip up the diabetic clinic . . . . followed by a curry at the Fiery Holes later on.

Tuesday and I did nothing at all - still deaf, so didn't really feel like doing much of anything.

Wednesday and I ran around collecting things I'd ordered from eBay.

Thursday was another do nothing day.

Friday and Fedex delivered a package . . . at half past seven in the morning.

Andy M popped down later on and gave me a hand fettling the hydraulics on the bike bench.


Saturday's exciting event was . . . .getting my phone upgraded after four years of owning it.


Sunday and it was down the cafe in the car due to the rain . . . . only one solitary motorcycle down there today.

Came back and did a bit of brake pedal fettling on the B31.