The Goldie gets new indicator stalks and a "running light" in the form of a LED.


Monday saw me out on the B31- mainly getting things for unblocking a shower drain.

A curry was called for later on - this time at the Brades Tavern.


Tuesday and I didn't get out of bed until mid afternoon - I blame this 'ere leg.

If it ain't hurting, then don't do anything silly like getting out of bed.


Wednesday and the MZ went over to see Fred for an MOT - it passed.


Thursday and my first job was clearing the outside drain.

I then spent some time fettling the Goldie - indicator stalks and a LED running light.


Friday and it was off to the foot clinic to get my hooves trimmed.

Next port of call was over in Walsall to get my ears looked at.  They couldn't find any wax that needed removing.


Saturday and I took the Goldie out for another test run.

55 miles and things seem to be working just fine.


Sunday and the wind and rain put paid to going out on the bike . . . so it was off in Andy M's car.

Would you believe it, we ended up in the cafe again.