The Goldie up at Barr Beacon . . . . the starter motor can be seen hiding beneath the gearbox.

Monday was a curry at the Fiery Holes, then a few  hours of acoustic playing over at the Green Dragon.

Tuesday was another lost day due to never going to bed last night.

Wednesday was spent chasing a "signed for but missing" parcel at Argos / Sainsburys.

So far, it ain't turned up, but the person who signed for it is on holiday until Monday.


Thursday was spent wandering around the caravan, camping & motor home show at the NEC


Friday and it was off to the Stone Cross clinic to be taught how to use the new blood sugar meter.


Saturday and I took the clutch apart on the Goldie and cleaned all the burnt alternator resin from off the plates.

This was causing the plates to stick together - which kind of defeats the object of a clutch.


Sunday and it was off to the cafe . . . . in the car 'cos it was raining.

What do you know - the rain stopped, so I took the Goldie out on test when I got back.

All seems to be working as it should . . . .time will tell.