The B31 parked up at the  Unicorn - there is still water draining through the tarmac of the car park, so you can imagine what the field looks like.


Monday and it was a check up at the dentists - then I put my teeth to good use with a curry at the King Arthur.


Tuesday was spent local, very local - as in about a mile away sort of local.

Tried to get a few items for the new blood sugar meter that was given to me on Friday . . . only they ain't updated the prescription yet.


Wednesday was acoustic evening over at the Swan at Darlaston.


Thursday and the club discussed whether the rally should go ahead - with the field being underwater for three days or so.

We decided to go and take a look on Sunday, then make a decision.


Friday, and apart from booking my ferry for Belgium, not a lot happened.


Saturday and I went and chased the missing parcel from last week - and it turned up.


Sunday and half a dozen Moonshiners descended on the cafe for brekky, then descended on the Unicorn.

The river has gone back down, but the field is very soggy - we decided to give it another week, then take another look.

Just for good measure, we headed for the cafe on the way back - this time for dinner.