Well despite the river Severn being where the tent was three times in the last month, our rally went ahead . . . got a tad muddy on Sunday though.

Monday and I didn't get up until mid afternoon - then it was curry at the Railway later on.

Tuesday and the Drifter went for MOT - it passed.  Next stop was picking up my flute from the repairers.

Wednesday's highlight was the acoustic night at the Swan.

Thursday - Whoope-bloody-doo. I'm now 62 years old.  The less said about that, the better.

Friday and it was off to Hampton Loade for our rally.

Had a bit of a sore throat which kept me awake all night.


Saturday, and considering how I felt last night, I thought the best thing to do was stay in my room

all day and night . . . .just in case . . . .I didn't want to be the one who gave an entire rally coronavirus.


Sunday and I had to emerge, if only to pay up and help pack up.  ( Does anyone want some free mud ?  We have some to spare )

I did feel much better on Sunday, so I suppose that's a good thing.