Time for a cuppa at British Camp, atop the Malvern Hills.

Monday and it was a trip around the Malvern Hills on the Goldie - then a curry at the Fiery Holes later on.

Tuesday saw me unloading the rally stuff from the Bongo, then heading out for my shopping.

Wednesday and I sat indoors looking at the rain . . .and reading of more and more events being cancelled.

Thursday and it was a very quiet club night - only three of us, and one of those only popped in to drop some stuff off.

Friday and it was a bit of A65 side panel fettling . . . then hearing that all pubs, cafes, and the like, will be closed from midnight onward.

Saturday and I cleaned Monday's dirt off the Goldie.

Sunday and it was back down the rally site to pack the control tent away.

Got back and took a look at making a starter chain guard for the Goldie.

Some thieving arseholes tried to nick Andy's MZ . . . my security camera has got their registration number.

A black Seat Leon - T8YFR - feel free to set fire to it, should you see it.