The BSA 600cc touring Goldie and the Enfield 570cc Bullet . . . sitting in the sun with nowhere to go.

Monday and Tuesday went by . . . I never even went as far as the garage.

Wednesday and I made a guard for the starter motor chain on the Goldie.

Checked that DFDS had actually cancelled my ferry crossing - no money had appeared back in my account.


Thursday and I got up early - then spent all day indoors doing nothing.


Friday was a repeat of yesterday.


Saturday and I did a bit of fettling on the Bullet.

DFDS have now refunded my ferry crossing payment.


Sunday and I took the primary side off the Goldie again.

The clutch plates are still sticking together - gave 'em a good clean  up and reassembled.

All I need now is to be able to take it out on test.