Me looking happy now that January is now over.

Monday and there was still snow on the ground - so I stayed firmly indoors.

Tuesday and I donated a single phase electric motor to the fellow who gave me the gas bottle I use on the welder.

He gave me that bottle back in 2013 - it wasn't full then, and it still ain't run out.


Wednesday and my blood test results came back.

My HbA1c is down from 73 to 57  -  so that's a bit of good news this month.


Thursday and my broadband connection got changed - three times faster on the download,

and ten times faster on the upload   -  so that's a bit more good news.


Friday and I had to re-order the MZ regulator boxes from Kultmopeds in Germany.

It seems the original order never went through.


Saturday and the weather forecast said snow.  So I stayed in bed until late.

It didn't snow - so I could have gone out.  Ah well, never mind.


Sunday and it was a tad too cold for doing much of anything outdoors.

Andy M came down bearing a chicken Jalfrezi, a naan bread, an apple turnover and a bottle of beer.

Well it was his birthday yesterday, and we certainly couldn't go to the Sanam for a meal - so thanks Andy.