The canal at Greensforge       -      The B31 down at Gothersley Lock on the first ride out of the year

Monday and the B31 went out on the first ride out of the year - only local - 20 mile or so.

Tuesday and my drugs still ain't at the chemist - so I carried on and did my shopping.

Wednesday was another day doing nowt.

Thursday and I popped up to see if my drugs had arrived - they hadn't.

Decided to take the Drifter out for a run - only the battery was completely dead.

Ordered a new battery - this one has been on for 13 years.


Friday - oh look, I'm a year older . . . .phoned the chemist . . . .you can guess . . . still no drugs.


Saturday and the Drifter battery arrived, so that got fitted.

Did some more fettling with the wheel for the back end of the Goldie.


Sunday and it was a little bit more fettling - just awaiting parts now.