The Drifter takes a look at Dartmouth Park - I hadn't been here for over twenty years. . . . despite it being on my doorstep.

Monday saw me taking some bits to be polished - then going and getting a tyre fitted.

Tuesday saw me taking a walk up by the lake in Dartmouth Park.

Took the MZ to grab curry and chips - managed to fill the top box with curry sauce - oops.


Wednesday and the Drifter went for MOT - it passed.

Did a bit of shelf removing in the garage.


Thursday's most exciting event was . . . . . shopping.


Friday saw me fitting the shelves back in the garage - in a different location.

At last my prescription drugs have arrived - good job, I was almost out of painkillers.

37 years ago today, Ajay the dog died . . . . .but who's counting ?


Saturday and the Bantam went for short ride around.


Sunday and I took the TCT out - I'm still not happy with the way the carb is set up.

The TCT would not start when I got back home - I could smell petrol.  A bit too rich I fear.

I'll look into it when I feel up to it.