The A65 stops in the usual lay-by on the A515.

Monday and I took the A65 out.  I had a bit of an electrical gremlin, so it was back home time.

Tuesday and my wheel bits came back from the polisher.

Made up a new rear brake cable ready for the Goldie's new rear wheel.

Had the sad news that another of our members, Martyn Lawford, had died.


Wednesday and I checked over the A65 electrics - then went on a 70 mile test ride - all OK.


Thursday took the Guzzi for its first ride of the year.

Had a minor niggle when the charge light didn't go out.  Soon fixed though


Friday and I did a bit of Guzzi fettling


Saturday and I made the spindle for the Goldie's rear wheel.


Sunday and I did nothing at all - just didn't feel lively enough.