The Drifter goes to Bedlam . . . . that's the name of those furnaces at Ironbridge.


Monday didn't get off to a good start - the suspension cable on the garage door broke.

Got in touch with Sandwell Council - who passed the job to Birmingham Garage Doors.

The earliest they can get here is Wednesday afternoon.   Ah well - there's nothing I can do about it.


Tuesday saw me out and about on the Drifter.

Well I can't do much at home if I can't get in and out of the garage.


Wednesday and the garage door got fixed.

I had a brand new fuel shut off solenoid fail on the TCT - good job I'd got a spare one.

Just to keep me amused, the outside drain decided to block up.


Thursday's first job was clearing the blocked drain.

I refitted the chain guard to the Goldie.


Friday was spent fettling the TCT carb and the MZ rear brake.


Saturday was a do nothing much kind of a day.


Sunday and a couple of MZs went out - first to Norvil in Burntwood

- then on to Soot Hill Motorcycles in Northwich.

Of course, being in Northwich we had to look at the Anderton Boat lift.