Dom's Bike Stop on the first Sunday this year that we've been allowed to visit an eating establishment . . .  as long as you are sitting outside.

Monday was a visit to the dentist - all biting equipment is in good working order.

Tuesday and the Goldie rear wheel hub went off to the wheel builders.

Wednesday was cancelled due to lack of interest - or summat like that.

Thursday and the Bullet went out . . . . then it was up the Tame Bridge for the first club night this year.

Friday saw me sorting some kind of council cock-up out.

Apparently they have stopped taking the garage rent out by direct debit and have sent a bill

for twelve months rent.  The council "ways to pay" website only goes to a error 404 page and the

"pay over the phone" is a recorded message saying the line is no longer in use.

In the end I went to my bank and eventually managed to pay my garage rent.


Saturday saw me taking a look at a D14 Bantam engine that had been put together by a butcher

crossed with an idiot . . . . .but I dare say it can be sorted out eventually.


Sunday and it was off to Dom's Bike Stop for dinner - courtesy of the Drifter.