Sizzle's Moto Guzzi  -  Di's BMW  -  Andy's  MZ -  and my BSA . . . .sat in the sunshine at Shobdon airfield.

Monday - got up, and sat sleeping in the chair for most of the day.  Ah well, I must have been tired.

Tuesday - seeing as I slept for most of yesterday, I never went to bed . . . .so I made an early start on painting the trailer.

Wednesday and I sorted out the electrics on a Triumph Bonneville, then dropped a club cheque into the bank,

Thursday saw the Goldie going out for a short ride, then back home to fit a new horn on DOT.

Friday was another day spent waving a paintbrush about.

Saturday and the B31 went out for an evening ride over to the Swan Inn at Fradley Junction.

Sunday found the Goldie over at the Kabin Café for dinner, then going to Shobdon for another cuppa.

Met up with Sooty, Sizzle, Di, Mick, Tina, and Ken . . . . quite a few "old faces" from the Moonshiners.

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