Here we are at Shackerstone station where a most welcome cuppa and a slice of cake were enjoyed . . . . . . . . . . unlike the rear wheel puncture in the Goldie which wasn't enjoyed.

Monday saw the TCT getting its MOT test - it passed.

Tuesday and I treated the TCT to some new rear tyres - George, the MOT tester said they were getting a tad thin.

Wednesday and it was DOT's turn for MOT - it passed.

Thursday was a disaster day.  First I found some stripped bolts in the A65 cylinder block.

Then the Goldie blew the carb off when I went to start it . . . . .the Bullet, not wanting

to feel left out, ended up stopping on the Aston Expressway with a buggered fuse holder.


Friday and I sorted both the Bullet and the Goldie.

Then took the Bongo down to Royal Wootton Bassett to collect a flame gun.  ( Death to the weeds in my garden )


Saturday saw me ordering the bits necessary to get the A65 back up and running.

Considering this engine was an expensive SRM build, I'm disappointed with the way they used a fine threaded bolt into aluminium alloy.


Sunday and the Goldie went to Rothley station for a cuppa and a cheese baguette, then headed to

the Victorian Tea Rooms at Shackerstone station for another cuppa and a slice of cake. . . . . . .

. . . . then picked up a rear wheel puncture on the way home.

Andy M carried on home and returned with my trailer - ah well, I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.