Looks like only three of us are out this Sunday   -  Next stop - Mill Meece.

Monday saw me drying the awning out from last week.

Tuesday was spent fishing - where I managed to lose my pole to a rather large fish.

Wednesday and the washing line snapped.  Luckily an easy fix.

Set the tappets on the Goldie, then made arrangements to have the block paving

replaced with imprinted concrete.


Thursday saw the TCT up at the Raven Café for dinner.

Put the last coat of green paint on the Guzzi top box.


Friday's first stop was Elmbridge fishery to retrieve my lost pole.

The Bantam now has a GPS speedo fitted.


Saturday and I took the Bullet over to the Feckenham Wake.

This was nothing more than a glorified car park - I left and went to the Kabin for dinner.


Sunday and the pumping engines at Mill Meece were in steam again for the

first time in nine years.   Had dinner at the Raven Café.