Black Country M.A.G.

3rd. Birthday Rally.

May 19th - 20th - 21st. 2000

    although M.A.G. in the Black Country have been going a lot longer than three years, for some reason it was decided to have a third birthday rally.  Perhaps it's three years since we started meeting at the Port 'n' Ale ?
    I finished work around 5 p.m. and did battle with the usual moronic motorists on the M40 - M42 and M5.  Why do I seem to be working 40 miles from home whenever there is a rally to attend ?
    By 8 p.m. I had the trike and caravan loaded up and set off for Stanford Bridge, around 35 miles away.  This is one of  those places I have heard about, but never camped there before.

I rolled up whilst there was still enough light to set up camp.
    I was quite surprised to find that I was the only person on the field, come to think about it, I was the only person in the pub.  Still, I don't mind a quiet drink.
    The pub landlord was telling me about the peace and tranquillity of the area, a pity he didn't tell me he had arranged for a motorized lawnmower to start work at 8 a.m. the next morning.

    Saturday morning, and that bloody mower was going like a good 'un.   I dragged myself out of bed and found that Bucka had already arrived, sneaking in under cover of the accursed mowing machine.
Tony and Helen, the local M.A.G. reps. soon followed and set up the much appreciated free tea and coffee tent.

 Of course, as soon as the kettle boils, more bikers than you can shake a {small} stick at arrive.

In between brewing tea and booking folks in, Helen decided to have a little play.  Oh dear - the things bikers get up to when they think no one is looking.

    By some strange quirk of fate, there was a nearby cider shop selling wickedly strong cider at Devilishly cheap prices.  20 pints of 7% proof cider for 12.  The temptation proved far too great for some people.

The afternoon passed with the drinking of cider and the cremating of various *things* on the barbecue.  Following the 'feeding frenzy', folks  headed for the pub, where assorted goodies were raffled off.  The effects of the cider were beginning to show on one or two people, and they wobbled off to bed, whilst the remaining intrepid souls carried on drinking into the night.



    Sunday saw folks milling around with various stages of hangovers.  That'll teach 'em to go drinking strange coloured cider !
    The tea and coffee tent was being put to good use, with the victims of "cider abuse" needing a caffeine rush to get their systems up and running.


Tony and Helen did a grand job of organizing this rally, they found a perfect site, an excellent pub, they set up the FREE tea and coffee, sorted out the badges - so where was everyone ?   Several people had gone to the B.M.F. rally at Peterborough - a few more had gone to a party - a few, worryingly enough, said "M.A.G. ?  Not after the last M.A.G. rally I did."  It seems the ghost of the "Heart of England" is still haunting us.  A pity really, because this was a great weekend.



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