Principles Rally Club.

4th Rally.

11th, 12th, 13th June. 1999.

This rally was to have been held somewhere near Flint, in North Wales, but the site owners got "cold feet" at the last minute and called the show off. This left the Principles with a bit of a problem. They had lost their site with only TWO days to go. Don't you just love pub owners who piss you about? Following a few frantic 'phone calls, most of the folks who intended going had been told of the change of venue. The new venue was the Shady Oak, a pleasant little pub just off the A49 at Beeston. For us Moonshiners this site was a good thirty miles closer than the original.

Just for a change I decided to use two wheels, rather than five. {Yes, five. Three on the trike, plus two on the mobile dog kennel.} So the jolly old Enfield was loaded up and I hit the M 6 at about 6p.m. on Friday night. As I was heading up the slip road I spotted a Gold Wing in front. It was Roy, another intrepid Moonshiner heading for the Shady Oak. Despite Roy following the somewhat leisurely pace of the Enfield, we made pretty good time. The site resembled a war zone, rather than a camping field. Most people had parked on the pub car park and carried their equipment up onto the flatter parts of the site. Enfields were made for riding across the more uncivilized parts of India, so I merely pointed it up the hill and away I went. I noticed that the trike riders also had no problem with this "off road" section.

Not exactly the flattest of sites.  

Friday night saw us all merrily settled in the Shady Oak. The evening was going quite well, when Johnny Emms got his hands on someone's organ. { Ooer Missus. } There followed a brutal rendition of some old rally favourites, including "Three Jews from Jerusalem" "Three old ladies stuck in the lavatory" and several other ditties that are best left unmentioned. The moral of this:- Be very careful where and when you whip out your organ.

Saturday morning saw myself and Bucka heading for the seaside. We played that all time favourite rally game "dodge the showers." All considering, the weather wasn't that bad, just the odd drop of rain. Dinner time, and we headed into Rhyl for a quick nibble. Beef curry & chips for the grand sum of 2-80. A little better value than the food being served at the Shady Oak, I think. Upon returning to the site, we found another "visitor"; a fox was happily wandering around the tents, and didn't seem too concerned by the number of people that were about. Time to hide my smoked bacon, I think. The rest of the evening went as all good rallies should. The raffle, awards and an auction, the proceeds of which went to help a disabled child. Tina, from the Principles, was acting as auctioneer, and a few hairy-arsed bikers went to bed clutching an assortment of cuddly toys. {send me a fiver lads, and I won't mention any names.} Even us Moonshiners managed to win a couple of awards. Club turnout and youngest ralliest. We even ended up with a few raffle prizes. All in all, a good night.

Sunday morning, and the sun was shining. Time to pack away the tent and head down the slippery slope that passed as a field.

Farmer Corbett and his three wheeled tractor.

Considering that this was a "last minute" site, I think the Principles did well. Everyone enjoyed the rally, and the only bit of "hassle" { I wouldn't call it hassle, it was more entertaining and amusing. } was two of the locals having a "domestic" on the pub car park Saturday morning. To the lads and lasses of the Principles R.C. I would like to say thanks, we had a great time. Roll on the next one.



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