Howlin' Wolf M.C.C.

3rd Wobbly Wolf Rally.



              For this year, the Howlin' Wolf Mcc Had a change of venue. Instead of the usual Shipley Boat Inn and it's greedy gaffer, they moved to a large farm at Mercaston near Derby. The site was very spacious and 400 to 500 people managed to fit in without looking crowded. I arrived at about 5 o’clock after waiting for the rain to go away, and set the Dog Kennel up. The new rip stop nylon awning, which was only finished last night fitted a treat.  (Thanks Lil, I never could Handle the power of a sewing machine)

      Most of the action was held in a large 120 ft by 60ft barn with an artic trailer as a stage. The grub was excellent and the beer reasonably priced. So having eaten and drunken?? I settled down to watch the band. A nifty little outfit called the Rogues. They played Pogues type music but at twice the speed. This had the effect of sending the crowd ballistic. After another helping of Curry and Chips I wobbled off to bed.


       Saturday and the weather was quite sunny. I spent most of the day looking at the bikes, trikes and what have you and generally taking it easy. By the Saturday night the barn was full and the main band of the night was about to appear.

If you have never seen Shamus O'Blivion & the Megadeath Morris Men you have missed a treat. With his green strides, fringed tatter jacket and top hat he certainly frightens the horses. With a cry of "I am Shamus O 'Blivion and YOU are the Megadeath Morris Men" the show got under way.

With all the 'Megadeath Morris Men' armed with multi-coloured stomping sticks the fun was chaotic to say the least. This was Morris dancing with balls, not bells, and fun it was too. After the break for the raffle, awards, eating and drinking competitions, they had male and female strippers. I now know why the male stripper was called ''Cock Robin'' and it's nothing to do with him owning a Reliant. The rest of Saturday night passed as Saturday nights on rallies do, you don't need me to tell you so I won 't.


       Still nice and dry on Sunday morning so I packed the Dog Kennel away and set off home. I can never understand why, when this rally is so good and so close to Home (44 miles) that very few local people ever bother going. Apart from 3 members of the Foxes MCC there were no local clubs there. Still. That’s their loss, not mine.





Lone Wolf.