Salford Centurions M.C.C.

Augustus Rally.

29, 30, 31 October.


    Seeing as I was already on holiday, I decided to head for the rally site on Thursday afternoon.  The weather was exceptionally kind, and the 65 mile trip up the "Shady Oak" went well.  The trike is now back together following the unplanned demise of its crankshaft a few weeks back.
    The first thing I spotted on the site was a bloody great JCB type creature.  It seems the canal bank had decided to fall into the canal.  Not a good idea when you consider the pub may have followed its example.  They had only just finished the repair work and cleaned the car park the previous day.  The pub now sports a brand new front lawn, laid only hours before the rally was due to take place.
    I spent the rest of Thursday night 'settling in', as they say.

    Friday morning, and my breakfast was disturbed { only joking Rev. } by the 'Reverend' Eric, who had turned up to 'sort the booking in caravan out'.
    Following a quick cup of coffee in the pub, I headed for the sea side.  The somewhat scenic route to the sea side.  I love riding the trike in the Autumn, not too hot, not exactly freezing and some wonderful colourful Welsh scenery.  I covered the best part of 200 miles on my 'mindless meanderings', and turned up back at the Shady Oak in time to meet the rest of the Moonshiners.
    In no time at all "Chateau Shiners" was set up.


The 'house special' at Chateau 'Shiners is sausages.  No ordinary sausages, but genuine German "Weasel Free" sausages.  Perhaps this needs some explanation.
    A few weeks ago, we were camped on this very site, when one of our intrepid members, Gordon,  noticed a small hole had been carefully nibbled in the side of his tent and his supply of sausages were gone !  The smoked bacon hadn't been touched.
"Weasels" we said, "Sneaky weasels, probably French"
Not to be sausage less again, Gordon has now invested in a weasel proof box.



The evening moved ever closer, and the 'Shiners moved ever closer towards the pub.  It seemed, for some strange reason, that the theme of the night was 'silly hats', or in our case "Silly twats".
I decided to 'borrow' a rather spectacular piece of headgear.


By some quirk of fate, it also happened to be the pub landlords birthday.  What better surprise than a scantily clad 'kissogram'?
    I couldn't help feeling that I somehow 'knew' this luscious lady from somewhere.  There was a certain 'familiarity' about her.  Take a look below, do

you recognize her ?


I only wish the 'Rev. Eric' had been there, I'm sure he'd have know who she was.
    Unfortunately, I had to leave Saturday morning, so I will probably never get to find out who the 'tasteful tart' was.  Pity really.

    This was the first "Augustus" rally that I had been to.  I must say the atmosphere and attitude were all splendid.  I do have a 'soft spot' for traditional type rallies, and this one was ideal.  Thanks to the Rev. Eric and all the other lads and lasses from the Salford Centurions........I look forward to the next one.



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