Black Country M.A.G.

"Back from the Dead 2"

30th May - 1st June. 2003.


This time Black Country MAG decided to move a little closer to home - a grand total of 17 miles in my case.  The last time this place was used for a rally was a fair few years back when the All Nations M.C.C. used to hold their rallies there.  The 'new' gaffer seemed a decent enough chappie, he even owns a Harley, but we didn't  hold that against him.  The one thing that did annoy me slightly was the price of the beer.  John Smiths at 2-10, Marstons Pedigree at 2-40.  These kind of prices might work further South, but they don't go down well here on the edge of the Black Country.  Just as a comparison, I saw John Smiths advertised at 1 per pint whilst on my travels that same weekend.
    Anyway, enough of my moaning.  I rolled up Friday night and booked in, most of the other Moonshiners were already set up at the bottom of the field.  The next hour or so was spent wandering around and seeing who's who, so to speak.   Now seeing as I had a load of 'essential' things to do on Saturday morning, I didn't bother camping, well, it's only a 17 mile ride back home. 

    Saturday morning, and what a morning.  Looked like being the hottest day of the year so far.  I wobbled around on the Little Green Guzzi, doing the things I had to do, then met up with a few other Moonshiners, the plan being to head for the rally.  In a way, the plan worked - we did eventually make it to the rally site, it just took a little longer than we thought.


Myself and Mark, headed North to the cafe at Whitchurch, where a quick cuppa was the order of the day.  We then carried on towards the coast, and were most pleased to hit the A 55, mainly due to the temperature dropping by a good ten degrees.  It seemed the coast was the place to be, cool enough to be refreshing, not too hot and stuffy to be uncomfortable.  A swift stop at the fabric mills in Mostyn proved useful - I managed to grab enough tiger-coloured material to make a new set of curtains for the 'mobile dog kennel', with enough left over for all sorts of silliness.
    Rhyl was the next stop, for dinner, then onwards along the coast to Llandudno, and the Great Ormes Head.  We had a slight panic when Mark's Harley stopped charging.  Luckily this turned out to be nothing more than a loose battery terminal.  We then swung back inland towards Betws Y Coed, followed the A 5 through Llangollen.  By around eight o' clock we were feeling hungry again, so another food stop was in order.
    The last few miles along the A5 convinced me that the lights on the Guzzi could do with an upgrade ( which, funnily enough, I have just done ).  By ten thirty, we rolled up back at the rally site.  It had only taken us most of the day and 273 miles, but a day spent riding is never a day wasted, in my opinion.
    According to 'those who know', the best part of 70 people booked in, the Moonshiners managed to take the club turnout award, and the rally was pronounced a success.  Considering I didn't spend more than about two hours on site, I can still say I enjoyed the rally . . . I suppose I'd best finish this and drag myself up to the Black Country MAG meeting and get the 'official' verdict. 



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