Black Country M.A.G.

"Back from the Dead"

24th - 26th May. 2002

     Why "Back from the Dead" ?  Well, the last rally that Black Country MAG put on was a disaster.  Take a nose HERE to find out why.
    B.C.MAG had indeed learned from the last fiasco - a change of site, a damn sight more organization, both on and off the rally site, and three quid cheaper.
    So, I don't think Nigel is going to need those rose tinted spectacles this weekend, but it pays to be well equipped ( ooer Missus ).

    I couldn't stay on the Friday night, but I took a trip down to the rally site in order to drop off the "lighting kit" for the control tent.  A fair few people had already booked in, so it looked like the rally just might be a success.
    The rally site was "The Masons Arms", which had just been taken over by a new landlord and  is one of those pubs just suited to small rallies.  A fairly flat and sheltered field, which considering the wind was most welcome, and enough space inside the pub to "escape" from the band if you just wished to sit and talk.

    Saturday morning, and I headed back to the Masons Arms, only this time I was on the infamous tiger coloured trike.  The wind was causing much grief with the mobile dog kennel, my speed dropped to less than 50 mph in some places.  Still - at least the rain kept off until I had got everything set up.  Having got set up, the next thing was food, and the pub had an excellent choice but me being awkward I decided to create a "garlic monster".  I do apologize to anyone who got within three feet of me later.
    The Moonshiners managed to come away with a few awards, including club turnout.
Roy took best trike, with Sam coming second and myself third.  Seeing as there were only three trikes on the field, I can't  help feeling they are trying to tell me something.  Sam also won an award for a rather embarrassing incident involving stinging nettles and a part of his anatomy.  Gordon's Reliant engined outfit managed to pick up an award, which considering the engineering that's gone into it, is hardly surprising.

"Back from the Dead"

I must say, B.C.MAG have certainly turned this rally around.
The only little niggle I could find was that old chestnut of having cars on the field, but that's only a minor point.

Well done B.C.MAG - thanks for a great weekend .. .. ..  it's nice to know that things are looking up, let's hope the next rally is even better.



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