Black Country M.A.G.

"Back from the Dead 3" 

21st - 23rd May. 2004. 

    Would you believe it ?  Nice fine weather all week, and comes Friday it rains.  Along with the rain, it was also a fair few degrees colder too.  Still, not to be put off, I loaded my bits and pieces, including the new  "awning" ( to replace the one that ripped last week ) and set off on the epic 20 mile journey to Bromsgrove.  It didn't take me long to find the rally site seeing as I had cheated and been there the week before on my travels.
    Now Black Country MAG have held the "Back from the dead" at a different site for the last two years, and this year was no exception.  The Park Gate Inn - and what a delightful rally site.  OK, so it wouldn't be anywhere near large enough for a 150 plus rally, but it was just about right for the 50 or so folks who turned up.  The pub owners had an outside bar set up, complete with radiant gas heaters, this, along with a gas barbecue, a 24 hour toilet block and a nice flat field made for some "quality camping".


MAG took full advantage of the catering facilities, with Steve donning his best pinny and doing a stalwart "Swedish Chef" impression.  Everything a quid - now that's what you call a bargain.  For an even better bargain, why not try the tea and coffee ?  That was free all weekend, well, there was a donation box on the table, but you know what I mean.


  Hmm - it seems to be Simon's birthday - love that shirt.  Strangely enough, two of our club members also have birthdays the same day.  Speaking of which, there was a distinct lack of Moonshiners this weekend - only a handful of us.
    Friday night was spent flitting between the bar, the outside bar, the barbie and the control tent - in fact anywhere folks would stand still long enough for me to subject 'em to my "torture by banjo" - and the less said about that the better.  Some people will bear the emotional scars for many years to come.


Saturday morning, and the weather had picked up nicely - even the sun decided to shine for a while.  Now I don't know what was in the bottle that Steve was drinking from, but judging by his expression it must have been good stuff.
    Saturday went much along the same lines as Friday, but with the addition of a bonfire on the evening.  Black Country MAG seem to have this obsession with burning things - good job I kept the banjo well hidden.
    For some strange reason I appear to have a trophy here with "best trike" on it - thanks folks, it will always remind me that BC MAG have very strange tastes in trikes.  Come to think of it . . .  Black Country MAG have very strange tastes altogether. 
    So there we have it.  Another splendid weekend away.  The new awning passed the test, the trike behaved for most of the time and I even ended up with an award for it.
    The lads and lasses from BC MAG worked well, making this a most relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  The site was faultless, the atmosphere very laid back and the beer was most drinkable.  All in all, a cracking weekend - nice one MAG, that's how small rallies should be.



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