Kevin Buckley

1960 - 2008



A few photographs of Bucka as we knew him.

See below for various other tributes and anecdotes. 

By Bod.

    There are two reasons I will remember a certain day last week.  One: it was my fiftieth birthday.  Two: I found out that my partner in crime on so many fishing expeditions had been found dead.  At first you don't believe it - especially knowing Bucka's wicked sense of humour and his penchant for practical jokes.  Going on past experience I half expected him to phone me later on and tell me how the tales of his death have been greatly exaggerated, but no, this seemed genuine.  A few emails over the weekend also seemed to bear the story out.  The "online community" have set up a tribute website to Bucka, I'll include a link to it further down this page.   As you can imagine, quite a few pints were drunk in honour of Bucka at our rally this weekend.  We even had the English flag, with a few appropriate words, hanging as a tribute in the lounge of the pub.  I reckon Bucka would have approved, being of the sort who enjoyed the odd drink.  Who am I kidding ?  Drank like a fish more like.  They still talk of the record number of pints of cider downed by Bucka whilst on a spree in the Port 'N' Ale.  Twenty seven pints of Thatcher's Cider - and still capable of walking.  Who will ever forget Bucka's impression of Captain Bligh, from "Mutiny on the Bounty" ?   A great bellowing of  "This is mutiny, Mr. Christian"  followed by  "Insubordination - fifty lashes".  He also sang a decent version of "Old Man River", a song that he had a certain fondness for.  He also had that certain knack for telling a good joke, in Bucka's case, it really was a case of "the way I tell 'em".   One of the less humorous  ( well for Bucka it was - we found it  hilarious ) episodes ended up with Bucka attaching his nose back on to  his face with sticky tape.  To cut a long story short, we were camping at Stanford Bridge and Bucka's dog decided to try and bite Bucka's nose off.  It was a very sunny day, and to both protect his nose from the sun, and to hold what was a rather nasty wound together, Bucka and his mate, Roy, devised a rough and ready "nose sling".  One of those, "if only I had a camera" moments indeed.

   I dare say I'll come and add things here, as and when the mood takes me.  I for one can't think about Bucka without smiling - and to me, that's as good a tribute as you could ask for.     Take care, big guy, I'll catch you later.

Ah - here's a little something I almost forgot about.  Back in 1998, at the "Gurt Gallybagger" rally on the Isle of Wight, Mr. Buckley tells us all about "Gurning"  


Video file from 1998.

    The Foxes MCC hold their "For Fox Sake" rally in September.  Usually down on the banks of the river Trent.   Back in 2001, a certain person was involved in a mysterious tent moving operation.  Now I wonder who could that have been ?


 The mystery tent-mover.

                Back in June, 2003, we were all lazing around at the “No Frills” pub.  It was a grand weekend,  lovely sunshine, nothing better to do than just sit there and watch the world go by.  For some strange reason the conversation turned to whether Daleks could camp or not.  I mean, how could they put the tent pegs in ?  Maybe they’d be better off with some kind of fishing umbrella type device that they attach to their heads ?  It was whilst pondering on the Dalek’s camping abilities that we heard a familiar sound.   Bucka’s trike was approaching, and we watched him drive over the canal bridge.  Now this bridge has a small parapet wall, about three feet high, so all we could see was the top half of Bucka, sort of gliding serenely along.  “Bloody Hell”  Exclaimed Mark  “It’s Davros”  ( To the uninitiated, Davros is the inventor of the Daleks – he travels around in a sort of motorised wheel chair that resembles the lower half of a Dalek )  Oh dear – I’m afraid the result of this was the following web page  -  -  -  go on, give the picture a click. 

By Kath.

Wow, It's hard to take in.

    I remember the chilli you made at the waterfall, when the wok fell off your trailer, spilling it's tasty contents on the grass, and how we just scooped it all back in and how we all ate it with great delight later!
I remember when you house sat for me and I sent you away with the contents of my change jar. You promptly poured it gleefully into the change machine at Asda and pressed the wrong button and donated every penny to charity by mistake!
I remember that before I moved to Cheltenham, you came round and strimmed my back garden, in 3 minute bursts in between fag breaks!
I remember so much more too, your story telling, joke telling and your mischievousness, all of which makes me smile.

We were goods friends, and I will never forget you Bucka, up the Wolves, with much love Kath xxx

By Mark "The Boy"

You were like a big brother to me on rallies you always looked after me, I'll never forget you!

God bless

R.I.P.  Cousin Bucka

By  Vic "Big Vern" Hawkes

Bucka was at the very first rally I attended, and I remember him helping sort some stuff out and chatting away telling me a few stories, making me feel really at ease. I used to keep seeing him at events and pubs, and he always had a good word, and a wicked sense of humour.

The world is a poorer place for losing him

Friday, 4th April, 2008.    By Bod.


    Here we are, all meeting up at around ten o'clock.  A street full of bikes and trikes, only this time they ain't loaded with camping gear.  The one thing they are all carrying is memories.  Memories of a fellow club member.  All good memories, happy memories.  Memories of rallies, camping weekends, and general drinking sessions.  Memories are easy to pack on a bike, they take up no room at all, and at half past ten, a procession of bikers followed Bucka on one last club run.  Not the longest run we've ever done, and by no means the most enjoyable we've ever done, but it was one of the most memorable runs we've ever done.  Although it was only "round the block", we passed at least one pub where we'd enjoyed Bucka's company on more than one occasion.   The service at St. Mark's church was a fitting tribute.  We entered to the sound of the "Londonderry Aire" or "Danny Boy" as it is more commonly known, and following a short service, we left to the same tune.  We regrouped in the churchyard at the rear of St. Mark's and each said our farewells to Bucka in our own way.  In true fitting fashion, the next stop was "Shippy's" - a pub often frequented by most of us, Bucka included.  It was here that some of the memories were unpacked from the bike and passed around the pub - and isn't that the point of such memories ?  As long as we have our memories, Bucka will still be with us on club outings.

Friday, 16th May.

We had a card handed to us this evening, from Bucka's mother.

    I would like to thank members of the Moonshiners MCC on behalf of all Kevin's family for your thoughtfulness.  It was so heartfelt and overwhelming to see you following Kevin's funeral.  I felt so proud that you did this for him.  I can't thank you enough, and from the bottom of my heart I shall never forget the sight of you all following till the day I die.  I'm sure Kevin would have been proud to know that you did this for him, and thank you for the floral tributes.     God bless you all.     If ever you're passing don't be frightened to knock the door for a cuppa if you like.             Is there anything you would like for the club in memory of Kevin ?         Let me know. 



May I say, on behalf of the Moonshiners, it was a honour and a privilege to have accompanied Bucka on his last journey, and we thank you for your card - it was most kind of you.

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