Moonshiners MCC


A chuffin' good rally

14th - 16th March.  2014

   Well, what can I say ?  Although I arrived at the rally site on Friday afternoon, I didn't see much of the rally.  This 'ere leg dictated that Friday night was not to be spent in the pub or the control tent.

    Saturday wasn't much better.  Most folks went off on the train to Bridgnorth, I went back home to sort out some chrome plating work, returning to the rally site at around eight in the evening.

    As for Sunday - well to put it bluntly, I'm not a lot of use when it comes to helping with the packing away of the control tent and such like, so I headed home.  From my point of view, this injury has meant that I only do one or two rallies per year now, and to be honest, I'm not getting much enjoyment out of those.  Maybe it's time to call it a day - who knows ?


A video of the weekend can be found HERE.