Moonshiners MCC


A chuffin' good rally

18th - 20th  March.  2016

Rather than read this rubbish - HERE'S THE VIDEO.

   Right - it's Friday - it's time to get out the bike - Now seeing as I'd been out earlier I knew just how cold it was.  There again, nothing that wrapping up warm won't cure.  It didn't take long to cover the 32 miles or so to the rally site, and by tea time I was sat happily in the pub having my tea.  Now for some reason the pub had run out of gas - so until the gas arrived it was microwaved food only.  As luck had it, my food didn't require the use of a cooker.   Once again it was Paul Snook who provided the evening's entertainment - and most folks seemed to have enjoyed it

     Me being a miserable old git, I moved into the other room - this is not a reflection of Paul's music, it's just that I'd rather sit and talk, than sit and listen.  I don't know if it was the lack of gas in the pub, but the room was bloody cold - most folks were sitting wearing their coats.   Anyway - that's how Friday ended up.

     Saturday saw most people heading for the station and catching the steam train into Bridgnorth.  Seeing as I can no longer walk around with any ease, I spent the day on the rally site . . . well to be more precise, I spent a good deal of the day sleeping - at least that's something I'm good at. 

     Saturday evening saw folks either in the pub or down in the control tent.  At least down on the field there was a fire to play with.  

     Speaking of fire - a birthday cake, complete with candles, was spotted in the bar. . . . . . . Happy birthday, Wendy.

     Sunday morning and it was off to Wistanstow for the bike show.  Although it was a tad warmer, it was still cold out there.   This was the 25th Wistanstow show and there was a very good turnout.  As with a lot of these events, the bikes parked outside were just as interesting as the ones being displayed in the village hall.   Having had my fill of bikes, it was time to take a ride over to the cafe for my fill of dinner.

      There we have it.  Not exactly the most exciting of rally reports, but I can no longer do the things that most people tend to do on rallies.   I dare say a list of "who won what" will appear as soon as I find out.