The "Engine and Tender"

28th & 29th May.


    It's been quite a while since we last 'invaded' the E&T.  So following a somewhat wet and windy "Ringstinger" rally { click HERE for details } I loaded up the 'big red ugly bike' and set off towards Clun.   The road between Morville and Craven Arms has always been referred to as "the longest road in the world" by the 'Shiners.  Although only eighteen miles separate the two towns, this road is indeed the "longest road in the world", you seem to be travelling along it for *hours*.  Today, though, with the sun shining and the 'big red ugly bike' sporting it's new carrier mounted on the front, the road was most enjoyable.
    Just as I approached the village of Clun, I was surprised to see a person dressed as a kangaroo standing at the side of the road.  It took me a moment or two before I remembered the the local pub is "The Kangaroo".  Now if that's what drinking in the Kangaroo does to you . . . . . ?
    As I pulled onto the E&T's car park, I noticed a few familiar bikes parked there.  Yep, the field was already infested with 'Shiners, namely Kath, Kim, Mark, Gaz and Big Gaz.  They had arrived the day before and were just off for a stroll to the Kangaroo in order to feed their collective faces.  I said I'd see them later and carried on putting the tent up.

An ugly tent, an ugly bike, now all we need is an ugly bugger to use 'em.

  There's a lot to be said for these 'one touch' tents.  They are erected ( ooer Missus ) in minutes and have enough guy lines to stand up to the strongest of winds.  Considering the way the wind had been performing over the last few days, a few minutes extra pegging out could save a lot of grief later on.  Having set up camp, I was then 'invaded' by a trio of Border Collies.  The next hour or so was spent lying around, using the nearest dog as a pillow and just watching the world go by.  Most enjoyable - it's certainly a dog's life.

Lesser-spotted-odd-eyed-collie of the border type..............................................................................Let sleeping dogs lie.

      They say things come in threes, and sure enough, a trio of trikes arrived, namely Roy, Sam and Bucka.  It seems they had taken the 'scenic' route here, which is a polite way of saying they got lost.  "Taking my advice at last, eh lads"  Whilst the lads were setting up, I dug out the trusty frying pan, and assisted by various Border Collies, managed to cook dinner.
    One of the things purchased whilst at the Ringstinger rally was a pair of very *loud* trousers.  Loud is a bit of an understatement - raucous would be more fitting.  So, without further ado, on they went.

What do you mean, they clash with the bike......... No taste at all some people.

    Those who had wandered off to the Kangaroo had now returned, looking well fed and happy, so we ambled off towards the E&T.  The 'back room' of the pub slowly filled up with more and more annoying, noisy children.  Sorry, but to me, kids and pubs don't mix.  If there's a children's room - great -  -   if not - then take 'em somewhere else.  We discussed several ways of 'removing' the kids, most of which were illegal :-)

      As per normal, with 'our lot' there was much silliness, especially where hats and sunglasses were concerned.  Need I say more ?

A "Badass" Bro - with his "Badass" shades..........................................The Good, the Bad and the sort 'em out.

    A few of the more 'mundane' campers had wandered into the pub clutching guitars and other such devices.  Now  it just so happened that about my person I had a flute, so, enter the


"Excuse me whilst I whip this out"    

The rest of the evening was spent slaughtering a few well known tunes.  Just when folks thought things could get no worse, I borrowed a guitar and showed them the real meaning of "suffering for your music".

    Sunday morning, and we headed off into Craven Arms for breakfast.  The trio of trike riders went back via Clee Hill, whilst those remaining set off along the "longest road in the world".
    We finished the holiday weekend off with a barbecue at Gaz and Kim's place, and very jolly it was too.

Right - enough of this get me back to

Get me out of here - - - - please.