Here we are again.

Seeing as we enjoyed our trip to the falls last weekend, we decided to pay another visit, only this time we were camping.   { For last week's episode, click HERE }.
    The weather wasn't quite as hot as last week, but the rain kept off, so at least the waterproofs weren't needed.  As per normal, we headed for the cafe - again, before heading over to Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant ( No - can't spell it either - I just cut and paste from my route finder program ).

      We arrived, mid afternoon, to find Gordon and Bucka already there, before too long, Sam, Kev, and Firkin rolled up.  Soon there were more Moonshiners than you could shake a stick at.

"Mountainous Man" aboard his trusty outfit. "Captain Slither" and "Firkin" on the 'five wheeled flyer'. The field is infested with Moonshiners.............time for a spot of crop spraying I think.

    Although the weather wasn't as hot as last week, the midges were out in force.  For some reason the little bleeders don't like the taste of me, but the others were suffering from serious midge bites.  We tried cooking various curries and things, in a vain attempt to rid ourselves of the local insect life, but to no avail.  On the bonus side, we did have rather a lot to eat.   The 'log cabin' that doubles as a pub stayed open later than the half past nine deadline.  The bar staff seemed to work on the principle of "if they are drinking, then we are serving"
    Drinking in the 'log cabin' certainly bought back memories for me, mostly happy ones I'm glad to say, but with the odd "Why ?" thrown in for good measure. Was it really eleven years ago ?

    Now whenever you gather a number of Moonshiners in one place, silliness happens, and this weekend was no exception.  Just take a look at the idiots below.

 "Love - peace - flowers - dig that hair man - like, groovy - far out".........Bucka catches a dose of 1960s. "Rubber faced Roy" being manipulated by Kim. "Where have all the hippies gone?".............Words fail me !

    Seeing as the sun was still shining on Sunday, we decided to take a somewhat scenic route back home.  First of all, we all  headed out for the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, then took the rather narrow mountain road to Dinas Mawddwy.  From there Gordon, Kev and Firkin headed home whilst Roy, Kath, Turtle Dave, Kim, Sam and Myself carried on to the coast.  Bucka had already set off home via the shortest route owing to his dynamo and clutch failing.

A mass of Moonshiners at the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel. Lake Vyrnwy in all its wetness. Never mind the rocks, watch out for the suicide sheep.

Roy gets cut off in his prime.

Roy finds a patch of Welsh quicksand.

    We called in at Aberystwyth for dinner, then attempted to find the 'mountain road' through the Elan Valley dams.  The 'mountain road' proved rather elusive, so we carried on along the A44, before arriving back home just in time to catch the last beer down the 'Sun'.
    So ends yet another Moonshiners adventure........roll on the next one.

Ok - Ok  Very clever.        Now get me back.