Foxes M.C.C.  

For Fox Sake rally.

September 12th 13th 14th   


Once again this was to be held by the River Trent, on the grounds adjacent to Catton Hall.  This is an excellent site, being flat and out of the way.  I managed to finish work early on Friday and loaded the mobile dog kennel.  The barbecue that my folks won on last weeks raffle was thrown in for good measure.
The 22 mile trip to the site went as all trips should.  No mishaps and no morons in cars.  Now that makes a change.  By 8 o clock the site was filling up nicely, with a club from Belgium as our neighbours.  By 11 o clock I was filling up nicely with beer and curry.  Someone remarked that the wind was a little strong.  After beer and curry I was inclined to agree with them.
Saturday saw most of our club heading into Burton-on-Trent to buy some dead things to cremate on the new "Club Barbie"  Burton is pleasant enough town with some rather good ex-army shops.  I even managed to buy a couple of pairs of  strides large enough to fit.  We popped into a local pub on the way back and tried what must be the strangest pint of Mild I have ever drunk.  It tasted of burnt caramel.  That is one acquired taste I don’t intend to acquire.
Upon returning to the site, the dinner cremation machine was set up and in no time the smell of burning dinner filled the air.  By the time we had all fed, the silly games were under way.  The Foxes M.C.C. always seem to have original and entertaining silly games.  This year was no exception.  The sight of dustbin headed Daleks walking around the field certainly turned a few heads.  If that wasn’t enough, two "doctors" resplendent in white gowns and masks were charging through a slalom course pushing terrified "patients" in two wheelchairs.  Could this be the result of cuts in the N.H.S.?   A couple of games involving bikes, beer, and eggs followed.  All good clean fun, as they say.  The Belgians seemed to be involving themselves in just about every game possible, including the silly games held later in the marquee.
 One thing I did notice whilst looking around the field was the noticeable absence of cars.
  Full marks to the Foxes.  I do not like to see cars at a BIKE rally.
  If you have to come by car, at least have the decency to keep it off the field and out of sight.  That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to it.
 The awards were given out later in the marquee.  The one award that impressed me was a trophy consisting off all ten For Fox sake rally badges mounted on a round plaque.  These were presented to the half a dozen people who had attended all ten of the Foxes rallies.  I wish I hadn’t missed the 2nd 3rd and 4th.  There was a lot of care and thought put into these awards.  Nice one lads.
 The rest of Saturday night passed with a mixture of music, food and beer.
 The food was provided by the "Grub Bus" which seemed to be doing an excellent job.
 Sunday morning and the weather was still kind to us.  A few hangovers seemed to be lurking around but a greasy breakfast soon put paid to those.
 There’s never any hassle or attitude at the Foxes rally.  Perhaps that’s why our club seems to do it every year.  When all’s said and done, this was an enjoyable weekend.

No doubt I’ll be back. ( that would make a great line in a film )



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