Foxes M.C.C.

        For Fox Sake rally.      

September 8th - 10th


    The thirteenth "For Fox Sake" rally.  Was it really that long ago since I did the first one ?  What a sobering thought - I was still in my twenties then, albeit very late twenties.  Still, time, tide, and the Foxes M.C.C. wait for no man.
    Friday afternoon saw me picking up one of our members who managed to break an ankle not so long back.  So with "Kim the Limb" on board we set off for the epic twenty or so mile journey along the A 38.  It looked as though a fair few Moonshiners were heading for this rally - at least 19 had already pre booked, and a few more were thinking of coming on the day.  A few of us made our annual pilgrimage to the "Black Horse" for a few pints before returning to the site - just in time for the silly games.
    One of the games was a "Miss Foxes" pageant - with a slight difference.  Modesty prevents me from naming the winner, but I think the crowd made the correct choice.

    Having got that embarrassing bit out of the way, the evening continued with much drinking and merrymaking......just as it should.
    Needless to say, there were more Moonshiners than you could shake a stick at, which is probably the best thing to do when confronted by 'Shiners.
See how many * you * recognize.


    Saturday - and the Sun God blessed us all once more.  The Hangover God blessed some of us, but let's not go down that path.
    The plan was to get fed, then head into Burton for a nose around, so, without further ado - we headed off with full stomachs.  The one place we always seem to end up in is Springfields army surplus store.  This year was no exception, and a few of came away with various strange looking items of clothing.  Gore-tex waterproofs for less than 30 - got to be worth it.
    I've been told not to mention camouflage trousers, so I won't.  Following our little shopping expedition we headed into the nearest pub, as you do, where I noticed that the slight headache I had earlier had now turned into one of those nasty, horrible headaches that make you want to cut your head off.  Not wishing to lose my head, I went back to the site for a few hours lying down - that seems to be the only way to shift 'em.  I recovered in time for some of the silly games - and well silly they were too, which is usual for the Foxes M.C.C.  One particular thing that just had to be tried { not by me matey - do I look * that * silly ? } was being towed around the field behind a bike.

   Not good for the haemorrhoids. 

    Saturday night, and the entertainment was provided by "Rebellious Jukebox".  I remember this band from last year, they played a mixture of rock and punk stuff.  The sad bit is, I remember the original versions of the punk stuff - oh, don't it make you feel old ?
    Surprise, surprise - the club turnout went to the Moonshiners M.C.C. - with around 24 of us infesting the marquee.  Zeb managed to win grot bike with his Honda outfit, and a rather smart Matchless won best bike.

Best bike & Club turnout  

    The Foxes food tent did a grand job of keeping us all well fed, with excellent curry and chilli on sale.  Good job the toilets were close by, curries are always a * dangerous * thing to have at rallies.

    Sunday - and yet another "For Fox Sake" comes to an end.  This rally is, and always has been, consistently good.  The Foxes usually come up with original silly games, the site is flat and certainly large enough, the food and beer are reasonably priced and there's always a good atmosphere, and having said that, what more could you wish for on a rally ?
    Here's hoping the next thirteen years are as good.

Thanks to the lads and lasses of the

Foxes M.C.C.

for yet another excellent rally.



Lone Wolf.