Foxes MCC

For Fox Sake

7th - 9th September. 2001.

    September sneaks upon us again, and, if the weather forecast was to be believed the world was due to end.  Rain and more rain was the order for the weekend - shows how much they know !
    I foolishly set off at around five o clock, just in time to catch all the rush hour traffic.  Just over an hour to cover 22 miles - traffic doesn't usually bother me, but for some reason it just got right up my nose this Friday.  Just to make things even more interesting my ignition light came on, which luckily turned out to be worn dynamo brushes - well, they have done over 50 000 miles and the dynamo wasn't new when I fitted it.
    The site was the same place, Catton Hall, on the banks of the river Trent.  Quite a few folks had already set up camp by the time I arrived, so without further ado I joined 'em.  The one thing the weather forecast had got right was the wind, a good strong blast was ripping across the field and threatening to turn the red and white striped marquee into a red and white striped kite.
    As ever, most of the Moonshiners headed for the local pub for a quick slurp before the 'serious' drinking back at the site.
    Some of the drinking must have been very serious judging by the hangovers next morning.
    Certain people were involved in a 'tent moving' exercise, why they were doing this is best left to the imagination.
    I must confess to not spending very much time in the marquee, so I can't comment on the bands or the silly games, but knowing the Foxes I dare say they were " all in the best possible taste. "

    Saturday morning ( just about ) and folks started emerging from their tents.  Breakfast time and Roy decided to boil the eggs six at a time.  Much egg juggling followed as people realized just how hot a boiled egg can be.
    I happened to notice a sign sticking out of the grass in front of Roy's trailer tent,  " Home sweet home " it read.  Have the Moonshiners really descended to this level ?

    Following breakfast we took a trip into Burton for a nose at Springfields army surplus store.  This seems to be an annual Moonshiners outing with most of us buying something or other.  This year I grabbed a Gore-Tex jacket to go with the trousers I bought last year  -  OK, so they're camouflage but I've not found anything as waterproof for the price.
    The next stop was Sainsburys, mainly for the in shop cafe and the luxury of a toilet that didn't sway in the wind ;-)
    Back on site, I managed to eat dinner and then fall asleep, thus missing the silly games.  I'm an expert at sleeping, mainly due to all the practice I have.
    Saturday night saw most of us heading down the pub again.  The gaffer of the pub has offered to cut the grass in his garden so we can camp there anytime.  Sounds like we may have found another place to spend the odd weekend away.  Due to us getting ' locked in ' we didn't get back to the marquee until after midnight - what a shame !  I don't know what time the disco finished, but at four thirty in the morning it was still going strong, which is more than I was.

    Sunday morning and that hangover monster had claimed even more victims.  The weather was still kind if a little windy and folks were wrestling with flysheets and the like.  "Our lot" sat around cooking breakfast and waiting for the paracetamol to kick in before packing up.
    I wandered around the site looking at the different bikes / trikes that were there.  Was it my imagination or are trikes getting more popular ?  It seems that Kath, from our club, had taken root on my trike . . . . is the Ducati really that uncomfortable ?

    So another Foxes rally ends.  I didn't actually spend that much time in the marquee this year, but I enjoyed the rally non the less.  Once again, the lads and lasses from the Foxes MCC did us proud, how they managed to outwit the weather forecasters is beyond me, but I'm glad they did.  Until the next one :--->  Thanks - we had a great time.