Foxes MCC

For Fox Sake

13th - 15th September. 2002.

  Ah - yet another Foxes rally.  A grand total of 27 Moonshiners booked in, which won us the club turnout ( again ).
  In true 'Shiners fashion, we sat there admiring the sunset and cooking various bit of dead animal on the barbie.  This enjoying yourself lark can get a bit tiring after a while.
  As per normal, a trip around the local town, followed by watching the silly games - - and what silly games !  The Foxes always come up with original games, and this year was no exception.  Land canoeing, the very thought of it scares me.
    I could go on - but what's the point?  We've been doing this rally since day one, and it's now one of the "Moonshiners Must Do" events.  The best thing to do, is come to the"For Fox Sake" one year, and find out for yourself.



    There !   That was a nice short one, wasn't it ?

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